What's Happening at Peaceful Living?

Tied to Berlin, tied to the earth, tied to the sky

Posted by on May 13, 2014, in Executive Director's Blog & Featured & Ponderings

I am inextricably tied to Berlin. I was born on August 13.  August 13, 1961 is when the Berlin Wall went up.  I turned 21 while doing my alternative service as a conscientious objector in “West” Berlin from 1967/69, caring for 15 persons with disabilities, all who somehow were passed over by Hitler.  Like the city at that time, when I arrived in September 1967, I was fully divided within myself, trying to decide was I going to live a life controlled by what others thought I should be or was I going to be able to listen to who … Read More!

What Do We Provide?

Peaceful Living is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization  that provides services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We believe that every individual has the right to belong in their community and we try our hardest to help them achieve that all-important sense of community and participation.

Our trained staff helps the individuals we serve by working with them on life skills, giving them a safe caring environment to live in, helping them kick back and relax, enabling them to get out in the community and creating a valued and sincere friendship that can otherwise be difficult to create.

How Do We Provide It?

Peaceful Living is blessed to be able to provide many different services to our clients, each with unique ways to care for them. We provide the following services:

What Do We Believe?

Peaceful Living’s mission is to create belonging for persons with disabilities within a faith-based community, and the driving force behind that mission is our belonging model. We believe that true belonging is composed of 4 important parts. The first part is companionship in the form of a sincere relationship built upon mutual trust and admiration. Membership in a welcoming community gives individuals an opportunity to thrive. A sincere appreciation for the enthusiasms individuals we serve offer to their community help them feel that they’re contributing in their own special way. And finally Peaceful Living believes in caring for the whole individual by helping them live a life balanced in body, mind and spirit.