Congregational & Community Education

An event spearheaded by our Community and Congregational Education department.

Congregational ministry is part of Peaceful Livingʼs unique aspect of holistic care. Our mission is to help create belonging for persons with disabilities within faith communities. To that end we offer personalized, professional support to the congregation and its leaders.  We also serve as a liaison to congregations on behalf of individuals and their families. The Congregational Ministry Director is here to provide support, resources, understanding, bridge gaps, equip, educate and encourage.

Support for Pastoral Staff and Congregations

At Peaceful Living we understand that pastoral staffs already have their hands full.  It is a challenge to effectively meet the needs of congregational members.  We also understand families and individuals impacted by disability add another layer of needs and stressors that can be intimidating for pastors to deal with. Our congregational ministry program is designed to help bear this burden with both pastors and their families affected by disability.  It is our desire that together we can strategize ways for all to experience God’s blessing of belonging in a congregation. We seek to come alongside to listen, pray, and support all involved.

Some of the ways this can be accomplished is through our training seminars and Sunday School teaching series.  We also host bi-annual conferences with nationally recognized speakers where pastors can gather to share counsel and ideas with one another as well as keep you current on relevant information.  We also personalize our approach since we know each situation can be vastly different based on numerous factors such as types disabilities, ages involved, facility being used and size of congregation as well as availability of local resources, just to name a few.  We will readily meet with Pastors, committees, elders to aid in addressing issues which might arise.  We offer guidance to address the variety of needs which may present themselves to help troubleshoot and guide to appropriate resource persons when necessary and to instill confidence in your congregations volunteers who wish to help.   We can also help families connect with much needed resources and community supports. We are here to meet you where you are to assist you in reaching optimal health and wholeness in your congregational body.

Contact Information
Director of Congregational Ministries: Bob Wendt (
Phone: 610-287-1200
Address: 569 Yoder Road, Harleysville, PA 19438


Non-Discrimination in Services Policy

Peaceful Living will not deny admission, the provision of services, and referral of individuals on the basis of race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, or disabilities.   Reasonable accommodations will be made for those with disabilities.

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Community Education Department