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  • Joe Landis to Retire in May of 2017

    Posted by on November 29, 2016, in Executive Director's Blog & Featured

    In May of 2017, our highly respected CEO and founder of Peaceful Living, Joe Landis will retire. Joe has dedicated 45 years of his life to advocating for people with disabilities. He has been a shining example of what servant leadership looks like and he will be greatly missed.

    We are planning to hold an event in May to celebrate Joe’s contributions to the field. Further details will be available shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the celebration, please contact Paul Nye, Vice President of Mission Support at 610.287.1200 or email… Read More!

  • “Peaceful Living”

    Posted by on November 29, 2016, in Featured

    “Peaceful Living” has truly become a way of life for the individuals we serve. We are honored to be witnesses of that every day. In our latest video you will get to see glimpses of the different services we offer and what “Belonging” looks like as it is being lived out in the communities we serve each day.

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  • The Power of the Powerless- Part II; Dieter Schmidt Survives T4 With Humor and Grace

    Posted by on September 20, 2016, in Executive Director's Blog

    I was first introduced to the Nazi’s T-4 program in August 1967. While I did not know what T-4 was, according to Steve Silverman in his book: Neurotribes; The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, 200,000 individuals with disabilities were euthanized or taken into the ovens along with the Jews as a part of this program.

    Dieter Schmidt, (R) with friend Karl-Heinz Ruber (L) in 1968. Photo by Joe Landis.

    Dieter Schmidt was in his 30’s when I first met him as his caregiver, in what was then West Berlin, Germany, as part of my alternative service as … Read More!

  • The Power Of Belonging

    Posted by on September 1, 2016, in Executive Director's Blog

    The Power of Belonging

    Joe Landis, CEO

    August 2016

    In his very moving article written in the Wall Street Journal in 1985 by Christopher de Vinck, he describes his brother who was disabled:

    “Even now, five years after his death from pneumonia on March 12, 1980, Oliver still remains the weakest, most helpless human being I ever met, and yet he was one of the most powerful human beings I ever met. He could do absolutely nothing except breathe, sleep, eat, and yet he was responsible for action, love, courage, insight”… (For the complete article see below[1]).

    As I re-start … Read More!

  • I Belong

    Posted by on August 27, 2015, in Residential

    At our Belonging Gala on June 11, 2015, we debuted our latest video called I Belong. The video highlights the life of one of the ladies that live in our Shalom House. Louise talks about how she helps around the house and the things she likes to participate in since she retired earlier this year. She also talks about how it feels to finally BELONG to something.


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