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  • Honor Women You Love This Mother’s Day!

    Posted by on April 20, 2016, in Featured

    It could be your mother, grandmother, sister, friend, aunt, teacher or any other woman you love and respect.

    • You choose a person or people to honor and to celebrate the special person they are.
    • Make a contribution in their honor by clicking on the donate button below. Please be sure to list the name(s) and address(es) of the woman or women you are honoring in the “How should we use your gift?” section of the donation form.

    Peaceful Living will list them on Facebook and in an article in our next Dovetail newsletter.

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  • I Belong

    Posted by on August 27, 2015, in Featured & Residential

    At our Belonging Gala on June 11, 2015, we debuted our latest video called I Belong. The video highlights the life of one of the ladies that live in our Shalom House. Louise talks about how she helps around the house and the things she likes to participate in since she retired earlier this year. She also talks about how it feels to finally BELONG to something.


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