Peaceful Living’s Services

  • Residential Services

    Residential Services

    Peaceful Living’s Residential Services department consists of five wonderful homes with superb around-the-clock care. Our compassionate, exceptionally-trained staff work with our residents on life skills, getting exercise and helping the residents stay safe, healthy and happy. We do our best to make sure the houses our residents live in feel like their homes.

  • In-Home Habilitation and Respite

    In-Home Respite and Habilitation

    Our Community Based Services department is happy to provide respite and habilitation services for your loved one in your own home. We work with them on their personal goals and objectives with the help of exceptionally trained, and exceptionally caring staff. We love to help your loved one learn new things, get out into the community, and make the most of their time.

  • Autism Services

    Autism Services

    Peaceful Living has established an Autism Services Department and is committed to promoting understanding through training and improving the quality of life for those individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Peaceful Living is a service provider under the Adult Autism Waiver.

  • Creative Gifts

    Creative Gifts Day Program

    Peaceful Living believes in letting your loved one express their individual talents, interests and capabilities. The Creative Gifts day program works with your loved one to create powerful connections with the community by volunteering in the community. The opportunities we help our individuals take part in foster their sense of belonging in the community and help them develop life-long skills.

  • Friendship Connection

    Friendship Connection

    Friendship Connection establishes long term relationships between individuals with disabilities and individuals from their surrounding community. By using interest inventories, people are brought together around common interests and activities. It’s our goal that someday every person with a disability in our community can say, “My friend is coming to see me today!”

  • Congregational and Community Education

    Congregational Services

    Congregational and community education is critical to completing Peaceful Living’s mission of creating belonging. To do this we offer unique supports, in the form of our congregational coach, to pastoral staff, agencies, and educators. We will help you by providing personalized support, help increase volunteers and assist in connection families with the types of resources and community supports they need.

  • war-healing-ministries

    War Healing Ministries

    The Christian community, especially the peace churches, can respond to many ways to bring spiritual healing to veterans suffering from PTSD. In this we can bring peace from the hell of war. That is what War Healing Ministry is all about.