Art Program

FillWyI0MDUiLCI0NTUiXQ 12891567 1140701822647701 3460858105605924511 o 5Since 2008, Peaceful Living has worked with individuals to develop an exclusive multi-step collective approach to art. By offering them social, visual, tactile and fine motor stimulation, it inspires them to express their enthusiasms. Through our art program, the collaboration between the individuals and their community mentors offers belonging and holistic well-being to the individuals through the companionship and membership it fosters.

The art program began at our Peace Valley day program and because of the growing demand for membership, has expanded to the Indian Valley day program. 


How You Can Support Our Art Program

You can become a part of the creative process through giving a gift, collecting supplies, or sharing our story

For more information on supporting the art program, please contact Juanita Nyce, Vice President of Mission Engagement, at 610.287.1200, ext. 2096 or email

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