For Families

Kelly Family at a danceHow can my loved one get services from Peaceful Living?

Peaceful Living provides services to adults with a diagnosis of intellectual disability and/or autism. Medicaid waivers fund the majority of our services although we do accept limited private payment for some services.

To begin the admissions process, either you or your Supports Coordinator may email a referral packet to Julie Clipp, Director of Programming and Admissions, at


What is a referral packet?

A referral packet should include a letter (or email) outlining the requested services and their frequency and duration. It should also include a copy of the Individual Support Plan and any relevant documentation (such as Behavior Plans).


What else is needed for admission?

Prior to moving into one of our residential homes, an individual needs to provide the following:

  • A physical within the past year
  • Mantoux test within two years
  • Current dental records
  • Copy of the Social Security award letter
  • Social Security card
  • Birth certificate with a raised seal
  • Insurance cards
  • State issued photo ID
  • Prescriptions for current medications
  • Contact information for all current health care providers


Which Medicaid Waivers does Peaceful Living accept?

Peaceful Living accepts the Consolidated, Person/Family Directed Support (PFDS), and Adult Autism Waivers. We also accept Base Funding through Montgomery County.


Sean and his Mom at a Dance

How can I register my loved one for a Medicaid Waiver?

Contact your County’s Office of Human Services and inform them that you want to register an individual with disabilities for services. The Office of Human Services will meet with you and determine if your loved one is eligible or ineligible for services. If determined eligible, your loved one will be assigned a Supports Coordinator and will be placed on a waiting list for funding called Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS). You will receive written notice when your loved one is approved for waiver funding.


What kind of background checks does Peaceful Living run on its staff?

Peaceful Living runs criminal background checks, sanctions checks, driving record, and physicals/drug tests on its staff. We have an extensive interview process that questions not just an applicant’s skill-set but also their temperament and general attitude.


How is Peaceful Living different from other providers?

Peaceful Living believes that health and safety are the lowest standards that a provider should meet. We aim higher. Our Belonging Model™ guides us in providing services that go beyond health and safety to enabling the people we serve to lead meaningful lives. If you haven’t read about it, take a look at our Belonging Model.

A great example of this is a young man we have served for many years. We first started working with him when another provider discharged him because he was physically aggressive. A health and safety risk. Our staff had some rough times with him throwing his belongings, grabbing things out of community member’s hands, and taking off his own clothing in public. We persisted. We discovered that he grabbed things out of people’s hands in order to give them away. We learned that he loved giving. We discovered that most of his aggression came from a deep frustration that he was unable to make a connection – he just didn’t know how to do it in a way that didn’t scare others. Today, he volunteers at Meals on Wheels through Creative Gifts and thrives on handing out meals to the elderly. He is paired with a volunteer friend through our Friendship Connection programs and regularly attends Church through community supports. There are still rough days but he belongs and isn’t seen as a “health and safety risk”.


I want my son or daughter to live in a Peaceful Living home in the future. Can you add him/her to your waiting list?

Peaceful Living no longer has a waiting list. Referrals are accepted for current openings and those we anticipate in the near future.


What kind of training does Peaceful Living offer its staff?

All newly hired Peaceful Living staff begin their employment with almost a week-long orientation where they learn about the culture of Peaceful Living and techniques they will need to know while working with people with intellectual disabilities and autism. Each year, staff are required to have certain refresher courses depending on the nature of their position in the organization. Peaceful Living offers practical, evidence-based training to all employees in an effort to continuously improve the standard of care we offer to the individuals we serve.