Brian and Louise at a dancePeaceful Living is a faith-based nonprofit organization which identifies and seeks to engage the gifts of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We believe that all individuals deserve to live with a sense of “belonging” within a faith and overall community where they can express their talents, interests and capabilities.

Our mission is to create Belonging through:

  • Companionship in the form of a sincere relationship built upon mutual trust and admiration;
  • Holistic Care - by helping people to live a life balanced in body, mind and spirit;
  • Enthusiasms Appreciated - sincere positive acknowledgment of the enthusiasms individuals offer to their community, (including highlighting that they are contributing in their own special way); and
  • Membership in a welcoming community that gives individuals an opportunity to thrive.

With careful planning, individual attention and ongoing education of our staff, we provide services to more than 180 families though four programs in a manner in which participants feel loved, respected and valued in their community.

"Peaceful Living"

Click on the video below to see how "Peaceful Living" has truly become a way of life for the individuals we serve.