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Peaceful Living is proud to support the work of our friends.  One of our friends is Giavanna, a very special young woman who started her own business called Yellow Spot Baskets.  She creates unique gift baskets that are perfect for any occasion.  Giavanna wanted to tell everyone a little bit about herself and her baskets, and Peaceful Living is privileged and proud to share her talents with you.

Yellow Spot Baskets by GiavannaYellow Spot Baskets was created by me, Giavanna. I am a person with 22q1 1.2 Deletion Syndrome. When I was born, my parents were very worried because I had four holes in my heart. After three years of testing, the doctors discovered that I had 22q 1 1.2 Deletion Syndrome (or 22q for short). 22q1 1.2 Deletion Syndrome is the micro deletion of a portion of the “q” arm of the 22nd chromosome. Each chromosome has a “q” arm and “p” arm. It causes a number of medical conditions including developmental delay, low muscle tone, cardiac issues, thyroid problems, and speech issues, to name a few.

This missing piece gives me some problems. For instance, I get sick very easily because I have a low immune system and I have weak muscles because of 22q. Sometimes, it is hard for me to even smile. It is hard for me to speak, so I have speech therapy. I often lose my balance, but since I learned to ride a horse, I have better balance and I don’t fall over anymore. I used to have trouble eating but now I take medication that helps me to eat and keep my food down.

When I started thinking about what I would do after graduating from high school, I needed to find a job that would give me the schedule to work when I feel well and take breaks often. I got the idea of making baskets from my aunt and uncle. The name “Yellow Spot” came from a game my friend taught me while riding in the car to Special Olympics.

To learn more about 22q go to

In some very exciting news Giavanna and her family were featured in an article in The Intelligencer newspaper, talking about what Yellow Spot Baskets is and how it got started.  It’s a wonderful read!

To get in touch with Giavanna about Yellow Spot Baskets you may email her at or call her at (215) 453 – 1819.

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    Very inspiring! Good Luck to Gia!

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